This is an update for all of you that have been asking about a longer model of our Draumr hammock, and for those that have signed up on our interest list for a longer model.

First off, we are honored to have such a dedicated fan base that are asking us for new products, and we surely understand your frustration in not getting more specific answers to release date questions.

We are sorry if some of you feel that you have been given false promises or expect that a longer model is right around the corner - that has never been our intention. We have always expressed that we are working on longer model, but that it will take time, and that we have no certain launch date.

In this update we will explain some of the issues we are facing, and by doing so we hope that you can see our side of things a bit clearer.

Sleeping pad limitations to length

The Draumr 3.0 design uses the insulation as well as rigidity of inflatable sleeping pads for comfort and structure (see recommended pads here). Most of these pads come in two standard sizes, and the longest is best suited for the Draumr hammock. The sleeping pads will compress slightly in the Draumr hammock, and thus limiting the achievable effective length to 75 in / 190 cm. Simply extending the fabric more on the Draumr 3.0 hammock would not really work, as your head or feet would start protruding outside of the edge of the pad. In addition, the forces on the pad and hammock increases proportionally with the distance away from the center of gravity.

Can't we just make an extra long pad with special properties?

It is not that easy. Manufacturing sleeping pads is a different ballgame, and there is a good reason that all the pads come in their current sizes - the manufacturing equipment is set up for these standard sizes, but not longer. There are also very different demands from our customers in terms of insulation, price and other uses of the pad. On top of that, the manufacturing of sleeping pads requires different materials and production partners. We prefer not to divert our effort away from making new and innovative hammock tents (our core business and passion).

That being said, developing or taking a co-development pathway to create a longer pad is one option that we have been and are still looking into.

What are we doing then?

At the time being we are developing and testing multiple concepts of longer Draumr-style hammocks - utilizing new materials and concepts. Can we say when any of these will be ready? No we can not.

We want to test all our new developments properly, and avoid giving people false hope by setting a date. What we can tell you is that the release of a long Draumr style hammock will not be in 2017. Currently it also looks like our first "long model" will be different from the current Draumr 3.0, so you should not expect it to be exactly the same, just longer. We can not go into more detail.

Other things to consider

Amok receives a lot of product requests from our customers and followers. Could we make an ultralight model? Can we make a cheaper model? Can we increase the weight capacity? Storm tarps? To name but a few... The list is long.

We can unfortunately not make everyone happy, but we try our best. When planning our product portfolio, our customers comes first. However, we have to take into account what is feasible in terms of engineering, time & effort, sales, marketing etc.

Are you saying you are working on others products, not only a long model?

Yes, we are also working on other products, and it is possible that other products will be launched before a longer Draumr-style hammock.

So where does that leave us in terms of a longer hammock?

The long model interest list still applies for those who have already signed up, and all of you who are on the list will be the first to get any news on longer models of our hammocks. We will not send out any new updates on this e-mail list, unless it is regarding a specific release date. It could take a year. It could take three - you get the idea.

For new people interested in product updates please sign up to our newsletter in the footer.

We thank you for your continued patience.

Best regards,
the Amok team

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